The design of a VIP singing room or a VIP karaoke room is currently being widely used, so what is VIP, or what should VIP be like? To answer the above question, we will explore with you. What is a VIP theater room?

VIP or V.I.P. (short for Very important Person in English) is a common word to refer to a very important person or position in society or a special service. according to Wikipedia




How to design a VIP karaoke room?

Most and the vast majority of consulting units design and construct modern karaoke rooms, or high-class modern classical rooms. However, note! Not all units have expertise in karaoke to give you in-depth advice. You should check and locate information sources to avoid misunderstanding, deliberately misinterpreting in your own way inaccurate sources of information. Today I will answer questions with you about the nature of a modern karaoke room, or a high-class classic room model. How Karaoke is called "Vip". The style is quite vip, good, I will present it in the next post




So what is a VIP karaoke room?


Vip karaoke room is a karaoke room that has all the basic and standard conditions like other karaoke room interior design styles, in addition to a karaoke room to be called a VIP, it must converge many more factors that other karaoke rooms have. Other ways cannot be obtained such as: Materials used must be high-grade materials, rare materials, unique in style, shape and design of rooms, Architectural depth in design To express style, must be clearly shown when showing design drawings (for example: You design karaoke VIP room according to Hylap architectural ideas, you must show its architectural depth and apply it. stylized into the karaoke room but still luxury and class...). Vip style cannot be easily constructed, it will have a certain complexity in terms of structure, construction techniques… If you are not an expert in fine arts, you can have a rough picture as follows: VIP goods, it will have some properties (Class, luxury, ...) strange, difficult and durable r time). Durable here I mean durable materials and “Durable” in terms of how customers perceive your beautiful karaoke room. The "beautiful", "luxury & classy" will last over time in your business process. So it's called a VIP room, or a high-end karaoke room. Is it difficult to design a vip karaoke room?


*  Design VIP karaoke room




AZKTV would like to answer you that! Designing a VIP karaoke room is very easy but also "Too difficult!". It's very easy if you think "Designing a karaoke room like this is Vip!..." Then it is Vip!... Vip or not Vip is the concept of each person, just like you go to shoping, you maybe like the "red shirt" and I hate the shirt and like the "brown shirt" ... and we ourselves know "All comparisons are lame". Can't exactly compare this one Vip over the other, this one is more classy than the other...but we can compare this karaoke room more people like it than the other karaoke room, this theater room is made of many types high-grade and more expensive materials, this theater room is more strange, this theater room is more difficult to construct, this room is more comfortable when sitting and singing...and people in the profession say "This theater room is an investment more gray matter in design and use of materials!"...


In my opinion, to design a VIP karaoke room, I can't say "Easy or difficult" but only say "It's not easy" it needs "investment of brains & time". It needs the designer to have a deep understanding of karaoke, a deep understanding of karaoke sound. And need an original idea (eg: I want a vip karaoke room in the style: Egypt, Italy, western europe, bently, Foodball, MU, Chelsea, mini bar, autumn, valentino....) Then In order to have a design of a VIP karaoke room, we as well as the design units have to work hard to always ensure that, this is a unique product, this product cannot be compared with any other product. products that we provide.




What does it take to have a VIP Karaoke room?


Important condition: Must have a good design person or unit & a good idea. There must be the reciprocal cooperation of the designer & investor, to bring the most luxurious VIP and super VIP space.

Sufficient conditions are: Finance, investment level, financial ability to invest in a VIP Karaoke room!...this is an "everlasting problem"...It is necessary to have good finance because you want to make a VIP karaoke room. accept more financial investment than normal room. You can refer to the article "General cost to build a karaoke room"


The style of VIP karaoke room?


In this article, I want to give you a little better understanding of the problem of VIP karaoke rooms. Please do not confuse or misunderstand the normal singing room, it is quite good to become a Vip. Maybe for business reasons you can temporarily consider your home theater as Vip1, Vip2... Diamond1, Diamond2... But that's not real vip...In Vietnam we can temporarily divided into 03 schools to create a VIP karaoke room. I will analyze the strengths and weaknesses in each vip style.


Style 1- Karaoke "Vip" according to the classical classical school: The main materials used are Compusite, all kinds of stones, rhinestones, patterned iron, copper shaping, cement construction with skilled workers. high, some sound-absorbing materials attached such as sound-absorbing stone, sound-absorbing plaster, sound-absorbing skin patch...


Advantages: Class, style, high artistry, bright, clean ... Next to the line of VIP guests, business people, middle-aged and older... Especially this style is very durable in terms of materials and very durable in terms of aesthetics....you will see that even 10 years later it is still vip and has its own distinctive vip features...


Cons: Long construction time, Need skilled art technicians, professional karaoke construction unit, Maintenance cost during operation "Low" but maintenance time has hearing "Contact" more customary". Sound absorption in this type of vip style will be less than that of other vip styles.




Style 2- Karaoke "Vip" follows the school of modern Led technology and uses effects: The main materials used are Wood, leather, foam, glass mirror, stainless steel, light-translucent sheet, stone-grained plate, Led & led technology...


Advantages: Classy, ​​overwhelming for first time customers, strong personality style... Receiving young and middle-aged guests... This style creates new and vibrant . Some of the next advantages such as: fast construction, so is it not picky but still create style, cheaper than other vip styles, sound absorption is quite...


Cons: The time to use during operation is not long, due to the use of led lights and led technology, most of them have a shelf life of how many hours... Therefore, the durability will not be high. Easy to cause boredom and eye strain if guests sit for too long because of the repetition of Led Driver. The warranty period is much because the errors of led and led control board often occur during operation is inevitable.




Style 3- Karaoke "Vip" according to the modern school: The materials used are diverse and rich according to the designer's ideas. Can be composite, iron, stone, copper, leather, velvet, wood, foam, mirror glass, stained glass, alumium, led & led technology, picture frame, glass mosaic, aluminum mosaic...


Advantages: Classy, ​​shimmering, magnificent, sophisticated in material combination, expands space, does not cause boredom... Can continue to suit a variety of customers from young people, middle-class people Teenagers, family guests, office or business people... Good sound absorption, easier sound or better. It takes a long time to reinvest as well as a long warranty


Cons: Must always be clean to create vip, durability depends largely on the ability to maintain daily continuously. Construction time is longer than style 2 but faster than style 3. The level of finance must be higher, so it is advisable to do this style in densely populated areas or cities to recover capital. Feasibility.

Conclusion: In business the most important thing is to make a profit. Profit as much as possible but not profit as quickly as possible. Fast is good...but sustainability and stability in business is better than business following the surface trend.... Fast without control over your service is more dangerous than a little slow." sure".... Business should develop in depth and breadth (Depth is "deep" in service. Service is price, service style, marketing form....) (Wide is " expansion", is to do many zones, do many places, develop the brand and receive many customers...). But business still has to aim for one thing....that is to know who its customers are? what do they need?... and... maybe they just need that "don't be too vip". The most important thing for a business person is to know the "capital recovery route", "reinvestment roadmap" & "strategy for the future". The last thing I want to say to you is "Don't procrastinate in business.... Opportunities don't come to anyone who doesn't do anything... and doesn't come to anyone who hesitates.... everything is fine. there's a reason you can't or are all likely to fail....don't do the things you're afraid to fail.If you're afraid of failure,don't do anything!... business is the one who knows what failures will happen!... how to overcome it if it happens..."


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